You have found your way to the website of the Rotary Club of Wellington.  If you were trying to get somewhere else - please don't go yet and, particularly if you're not a Rotarian, please read on.

Rotary Wellington meets every Friday lunchtime at the Buckatree Hall Hotel, situated beneath The Wrekin with a view overlooking the Shropshire plain.
Are you interested in joining a friendly group of men and women of all ages who volunteer some of their spare time to help others in the local community?  Please take a look round our site, learn a bit more about us, and maybe get in touch or come along and meet us -  all are welcome.
Please follow this link to contact us.

Immediate Past President Peter looked increasingly chilled, happy and relaxed as he reached his "end of term".  Like all Presidents, as he acknowledged at his "Swansong' lunch, he has relied heavily on others to organise much of the work & events throughout the year so I'm relieved to have a very similar team for my year.  
People keep asking me if I'm looking forward to my Presidential Year and I know the expected answer is, Yes, of course",  and in many ways i am.
However, I'm also highly conscious of the challenges that Rotary Clubs universally face; finding new members/dwindling membership, diversity issues, polio eradication fatigue, difficulty raising other charity funds etc., so I'll be keen to experiment wherever and whenever I can, as opportunities arise in my year.  Before anyone panics about "What??.....Experiments??", let me reassure members that I love this Club as it is and fully respect its traditions.  I have no desire to change anything about the format of our Friday lunches or Council meetings.

That said, I am honoured, excited and looking forward to being your Club President for the coming 12 months albeit with a little trepidation about what might crop up but I know I have a knowledgeable Club Council to guide me and a club full of members who simply want to "enjoy Rotary" (as John Cooper always adds to the final toast).

Lets do just that throughout 2019/20!

Vic Young - President 2019-20