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Medic Malawi Newsletter September 2018
The Power of Sunshine
When I give talks  about Malawi , I have often been known to say that the country’s main resource is sunshine, but that it is very difficult to use it. Now at last that may change , thanks to the work of Wellington Rotary Club here in Shropshire.

Croquet the Final

Congratulations to Cannock who beat us in six very hard fought games to take the trophy 4-2.

Team captain and sports officer Rob says "We did well to reach the final and know if we continue to improve we are not far away from winning the shield back!!!!!!"

Tenpin bowling and snooker to be played in September both v Wrekin.

2017 Higher Education Award Recipients Report Back

Lara Writes:
I've had a great 1st year of university; the iPad I bought with the bursary I received from the Rotary Club had been an amazing study tool. I make all my notes on the iPad and it has helped me keep track of them and helped with mathematics notation I can't use on a laptop.  I finished the 1st year with an average of 66% which is a 2:1. I am excited to continue my studies in second year.

Higher Education Award 2018

Brooke Richardson was presented with the Higher Education Award on Friday 24th August by President Peter Williams.  She impressed Club members with her determination to succeed in her chosen career and b

Croquet Success

The Wellington Rotary croquet team over came wet and cold conditions to achieve a semi-final victory over Blythe Bridge at Church Farm, Rowton on Wednesday.

Croquet Update

The croquet team welcomed Blyth Bridge to Church Farm and immediately changed the sunny afternoon to one of showers.

Home advantage suited us once again and the match ended early when our third pair playing their second pair fought back from trailing throughout the game to close to 5-5 and hoop out 7-5 for a 4-0 team score.

The final is yet to be arranged but will be against Cannock RC.


Shropshire Rocks to End Polio

The Rotary Club of Newport Light have presented the club with three decorated rocks to raise awareness of the End Polio Campaign.

If you find a rock follow the intructions on the back and hide it somewhere else.

Brewery Visit

On Wednesday 8th August a group of Rotarians, partners and friends visited Rowton Brewery at the Pheasant in Market Street, Wellington.  The group was shown roundby Jim Preston who established the brewery in Rowton some 10 years ago.


Dementia & Alzheimers

Tom James and Christine Smith were the speakers at August 3rds meeting of the Club - the photograph shows them with President Peter.  They shared with members information about dementia and Alzheimers and explained various misconceptions.  There are many types of dementia - in the region of 100 - although the most common form is Alzheimers.  All types of dementia are progressive - the symptoms will get worse over time.