Film Night 2017

Over 100 Rotarians and guests enjoyed 'A United Kindom' at Wrekin College Centenary Hall, presented by Flics in the Sticks.   Over £1,800 was raised to suppoet the work of the KIP project (helping the homeless in Telford) and the club's own project Treadmill4PRH ( to supply a treadmill for use of patients at the PRH)

 Organiser Peter Llewellyn with the programme desined by Telford Repro.


Sportsman's Night 23rd March 2017

President John with Graham Thorpe and Paul Boardman at the end of an entertainin evening which raised over £5,000 for Rotary Charities and the Harry Johnson Trust.

The evening include a raffle and standup bingo, with Mike being supervised by Jim

Other pictures show our members and guests enjoying the evening.


The Club's snooker team played in the District 1210 final at the Sir John Bayley Club on 13th March and achieved a great victory.  

Team captain Keith Mainwaring said, "I have no doubt that the practice games we had at Jim Udale's played an important part in our continued success throughout all the rounds and which paid dividends in winning the final."  

Tree of Light Chairman Awaded PHF

In a surprise addition to the Tree of Light Presentation Evening, President John announced to all those gathered to celebrate the success of the Tree of Light campaign that he wished to make another presentation.

Sports Review January 2017

Wellington have had a pretty good year.

In the spring 2016 we reached the final of table tennis, but were defeated by a very talented Leek team. We missed our best player in the table tennis in the current competition - we don't have a strong enough squad, yet, to get back to winning ways.

We won the darts in 2015/16 after playing six times and practicing lots of times at the Park. Our dominos and drinking also improved! In the autumn 2016 competition we had bad luck in the darts, we scored well, but the doubles were difficult to hit. If only!

Christmas Day at Farcroft

 On Christmas morning Father Christmas, otherwisw known as Rotary Club of Wellington President John Wardle, visited Farcroft in North Road.  Santa Claus and his Elves distributed presents to the residents who were congregated in three of the home's lounges.  As you can see in the photograph Father Christmas managed to lose his hat - perhaps it was stuck in the chimney!